Monday, September 3, 2012

The Mehendi ( Rabbit's name) Story- By Shreedhari

One morning a man woke-up. A bird crying in the farm. So the man said what happened. So he just rocked on the farm chair. So the man just heard a voice howling and crying very loud . That was a fox eating one rabbit. So the man just take the rabbit in his home and said " what happened?". The rabbit's mom just heard a voice. It was voice of a koala bear in the farm. It was coming from the farmer's dark, wooden room. So the rabbit just heard a thumping noise of the koala bear thumping its feet. So the farmer said " Don't the rabbit will run".So the bear just loved the rabbit. And the bear didn't  stamp. So the koala bear said " Bye bye". The farmer said " Bye bye good- night". The rabbit's mom took the rabbit home. Just sleep. One butterfly said " Its morning its morning". So the man woke up..everyone woke-up. So one sister just not woke-up.