Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ramu in the park- story by Shreedhari

One morning a friend called down. Ramu's wake uping in the Park. He called out " Radhisat". And Radhisat was coming in the park. " The Radhisat said" Wait wait im coming in the park." And the Ramu said " ok ok ok". And Radhisat and Ramu played fun one game..slide, jhoola , see-saw and the gataa ross. The gatta ross he opened and the itsy-bitsy spider come in Ramu's mouth and he said " phoo, phoo". A lot of itsy-bitsy spiders came. In  the gatta-ross , the Ramu's don't come.  Anita, Sunita , Devi, Asthi all went in the gatta-ross. All the itsy-bitsy spiders come in their noses. And Ramu's friends don't come and he don't come.

Barbie story- narrated by Shruthkirti

One day there was a beautiful Barbie who was walking with a cat who had a beautiful ribbon tied on her head. The cat said  " Lets go tired of walking." Then Barbie saw her brother walking with a dog. And she says " Hello". And her brother was also going home after a round of walking. And she was also going home. Because it was all night. Also they both was gone shopping in a R-City mall. And they also did a walk and they was also tired because all day they were walking & circling everywhere. And the brother said " I will come with you in your home and we two will watch a Superman's movie." And she said to her dad" Put some Superman's movie or Cindrella's movies , your Sweetie's movie or Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse". Also you have Tom & Jerry , then put Tom & Jerry. And her dad said "  I have deer bear". Both said " Hurray..we two love dear bear." And they both said " lets see dear bear". Barbie then sais "I also saw some Dolphin's movie ..lets see that Dolphin's movie". And they sat and saw the movie and after seeing the movie they have to play some games and they have sleep together because the brother's mom was already sick. And slept and in Barbie's dreams she saw some deer bear's movie . In the brother's dreams he saw Superman. And they slept and slept . They felt like their mom was walking them up and also their dad. And they woke up and they saw Deer Bear and the brother's dream of Superman. Because they was wishing in the shooting star. The brother played with the Superman and they also happily played with each other. Took turns and played with each other.