Monday, September 3, 2012

The Mehendi ( Rabbit's name) Story- By Shreedhari

One morning a man woke-up. A bird crying in the farm. So the man said what happened. So he just rocked on the farm chair. So the man just heard a voice howling and crying very loud . That was a fox eating one rabbit. So the man just take the rabbit in his home and said " what happened?". The rabbit's mom just heard a voice. It was voice of a koala bear in the farm. It was coming from the farmer's dark, wooden room. So the rabbit just heard a thumping noise of the koala bear thumping its feet. So the farmer said " Don't the rabbit will run".So the bear just loved the rabbit. And the bear didn't  stamp. So the koala bear said " Bye bye". The farmer said " Bye bye good- night". The rabbit's mom took the rabbit home. Just sleep. One butterfly said " Its morning its morning". So the man woke up..everyone woke-up. So one sister just not woke-up.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Fun! : Make-Up Party

Chellu has been asking me for a make-up party since a long where all her girl-friends can come over and she can apply some part of make-up for them. I was trying to put it off for the longest time..just the whole idea of a make-up party for such small children seemed not so okay. But when we played beauty parlor beauty parlor recently again , I realized that the girls really don't attach much importance to the looks of it..there is really no vanity attached to it. Its the sheer fun of "applying" something on somebody. They do so with a lot of focus.

And so we finally planned one. Chellu chose to write the invite card for each of her friends. It was a lot of writing for someone who doesn't write much at all. I was quite surprised with her enthusiasm..proves the fact that when the purpose is well-defined and personal then doing any amount of  "academics" is easy!
On the D day both the girls got up early and on got all ready for the event. They neatly arranged all the make-up and even the sponge cakes !
Four of Chellu's friends came over. Chellu applied nail paint to everyone while Kunju did mehendi.I did the facial make-up. The looks on everyone's faces was totally worth it. They were ssssssso excited about the whole thing.
Later on we Hema with Zoya and Ravi joined in and Hema did nail-art and mehendi with the girls. Shankar  & I  had a gr8 time chatting with them especially since the fathers hardly get to meet up. Zoya and Chellu did their very secretive, private sort of make-up stuff in the background in the midst of all the chatting. They were playing some game and apparently make-up happened as a part of that game.

As for me I was glad for having hosted the party from start to end. Just to share that kind of enthusiasm and joy with the girls was something. It kind of rekindled the " young happening girl" within me that somehow gets buried under motherhood. Reminded me of an older self when "looks" were so important , when nail polish was more imp than food!! Reminded me of how painstakingly I would put on make-up for any imp function and the thrill I would derive from it, irrespective of whether anyone else appreciated it or not! And then realized that the girls , especially Chellu was indeed so much like me. What's there to be scared of her liking for make-up really? She might turn out to be just like me and she will be absolutely fine. But even that is a far off event. What's more important is that the party in itself brought in so much joy for myself and my girls along with others. To have connected with them through a common liking/passion is of utmost importance. And I could see that the girls were so happy for the rest of the day. They got to exercise their artistic skills, play with their friends, do smnthg that they all liked and become closer to everyone. The party changed the mindset of one of the child who wasn't keen on coming over to our house earlier . But since this party her mom told us that she has become very happy with us!
Last but not the least, I even got a secret "thank-you" in my ears from Chellu before she winded down to sleep! ;))

Friday, August 3, 2012

Rangoli Rangoli Rangoli-we love rangolis.

Ever since Chellu could do smnthg with her hands she has been loving to draw rangolis. Whether festival or not rangolis are one of our favorites just like mehendi , jewellery making, cooking etc..

She would participate alongside me during Diwali and work patiently at her rangolis. The top pic is her latest one on the occasion of Avani Avittam. Rest are older ones...Will add as I find more.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Questions, Questions..All Sorts Of Questions

Chellu has been asking a lot of Qs. This is an active log of all the Qs that keep coming..

1. What are the white spots on our tongue?
2. How is a baby horse born?
3. How is an elephant baby born?
4. How is a CD made?
5. While eating a corn cob:  When we bite even if we bite just one corn pearl how do we know that after it becomes a milk-shake in the mouth ( which means it is getting mixed with the saliva) we have to swallow that one corn pearl?
6. When we run on the floor doesn't Mother Earth get hurt?
7.  How is a pen made? How is a pencil made? How come the "thing that writes" is in the  middle and so long & thin?
8. How does a sharpener work?

Latest Creativity-Frisbee From Thermocol Plates

                                                         Frisbee made from thermocol paper.

We got prasad in thermocol plates from one of our neighbors for this Varalakshmi pooja.

As soon as the contents of the plate got empty Chellu got an idea to make smthng out of it. Looks like this whole concept of recycling is really getting to the girls! Its so awesome to see them constantly make things that would otherwise be trashed! I'm very proud of them but definitely think that its the freeness & the ample time in their lives that actually allows them implement what's been preached!

They quickly got scissors and glue and started working. Soon Chellu had made a face frisbee that surprisingly flew very well. I liked the fact that she had cut off the circumference of the plate with a ragged scissors. Kunju cut various shapes and stuck it onto paper in a formation.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Plasticine Play With Aayush

One weekend Aayush came over to our house and the three of them settled to play with moon-dough. They set out to make a replica of a model from one of the books on plasticine modelling. Though they didn't have the exact material as required in the book , they decided to not only go with it but also remodeled whatever they had to suit the book's requirements..They started with full gusto and made a cute little cottage..They figured that to match the exact colors as the book they would need to color the moon-dough which in turn means that they would have to wet the moon-dough enough.  They did all that and painted quite a few new colors like white , red etc..the final result not only looked pretty but I was pleased with the fact they had made a totally new version of dough from what they already had.

But after all this serious hour of replication they decided it was enuff. It was time for the "real stuff"- the stuff that comes from one's brains and not from the books! They started to experiment. First they painted Aayush's plaster ..then made play-dough of numbers  impressions from a play-set, then took all the different colored play-dough and filled it in poster color containers..Which Chellu promptly put in the freezer.Its lying there...Soon some day my fridge is gonna have more "experimented products" than real food! ;))

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shreedhari's ( Kunju) First Legible Creation

Kunju had made her first legible creation a few weeks back. ALL BY HERSELF WITH NO HELP FROM ME.  I think this is a huge milestone indeed. She started out as a kid who was really not so interested in arts but slowly she too has started to show more & more interest. Maybe all the arts & crafts that's done at home thanks to her sister has sparked off some interest in her.

The above creations were made for a friend's birthday. She made a cut-out of Zoya calling it Zoya Rani with a  crown and a pocket. Its significant for me since she developed the idea  and executed it 100% by herself.

Looking forward to many more days of arts & crafts with the little one...:))

Pipe-Cleaner Jewellery

Chellu made some hand jewellery from pipe=cleaners today. I was busy chatting with a guest and I guess this was her way of dealing with boredom. I was quite impressed with the first one- she told me its her bracelet cum ring. Wow- don't the Muslim ladies wear something very similar during their weddings?

The third & fourth one from the top are also interesting in the sense that the rings are inter-connected. Wonder how something like that will actually look?

Hmm..As a child I was very passionate about drawing jewellery. I would copy-draw photos of our Gods and then with gr8 interest design the jewellery with the minutest details....