Saturday, December 3, 2016

Shreedhari's reading craziness

Shreedhari has spent an entire day today - yes an ENTIRE day with stories . Between reading , being read to and listening to stories , her day has gone by her and she is still hooked on. I had to give up at one point due to aching jaws and my own intense ability to stay in one place after a few hours . But this child hasn't tired yet ....I've no idea how many she has listened to but the amazingness of this whole thing is her drive for it.
Maybe this is what self designed learning looks like ...maybe this is how humans learn where they get obsessed with something and can't let it go . While cooking and reading recipes was the impetus for the elder one to learn to read , it seems stories are the impetus for the younger one to.
These are the days when the value of free time is very high.
No superimposed shoulds and have- tos but indulgence in one's learning . I've heard about this and seen this with so many unschooling kids with a variety of interests . And to think of the class bells and the change of periods that I had to go through all my childhood when a budding interest in a topic had to be shut down because it's time for another class or period . How frustrating that would have been !
Free time , Free time , Free time - the key ingredient in self designed learning .