Thursday, August 2, 2012

Latest Creativity-Frisbee From Thermocol Plates

                                                         Frisbee made from thermocol paper.

We got prasad in thermocol plates from one of our neighbors for this Varalakshmi pooja.

As soon as the contents of the plate got empty Chellu got an idea to make smthng out of it. Looks like this whole concept of recycling is really getting to the girls! Its so awesome to see them constantly make things that would otherwise be trashed! I'm very proud of them but definitely think that its the freeness & the ample time in their lives that actually allows them implement what's been preached!

They quickly got scissors and glue and started working. Soon Chellu had made a face frisbee that surprisingly flew very well. I liked the fact that she had cut off the circumference of the plate with a ragged scissors. Kunju cut various shapes and stuck it onto paper in a formation.

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