Friday, July 27, 2012

Plasticine Play With Aayush

One weekend Aayush came over to our house and the three of them settled to play with moon-dough. They set out to make a replica of a model from one of the books on plasticine modelling. Though they didn't have the exact material as required in the book , they decided to not only go with it but also remodeled whatever they had to suit the book's requirements..They started with full gusto and made a cute little cottage..They figured that to match the exact colors as the book they would need to color the moon-dough which in turn means that they would have to wet the moon-dough enough.  They did all that and painted quite a few new colors like white , red etc..the final result not only looked pretty but I was pleased with the fact they had made a totally new version of dough from what they already had.

But after all this serious hour of replication they decided it was enuff. It was time for the "real stuff"- the stuff that comes from one's brains and not from the books! They started to experiment. First they painted Aayush's plaster ..then made play-dough of numbers  impressions from a play-set, then took all the different colored play-dough and filled it in poster color containers..Which Chellu promptly put in the freezer.Its lying there...Soon some day my fridge is gonna have more "experimented products" than real food! ;))

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