Friday, July 6, 2012

Spontaneity, Spontaneity, Spontenity- Life is all about the Here and Now

I  had noted this a couple of days back.."Today was one of those days again when bang in the middle of the day I experienced HSing in its true beauty. I posted this on Facebook that day in the afternoon "Elder daughter blissfully reading to herself Hindi stories in one room while her sister blissfully dancing Ballet like steps to a movie song...While me enjoying this moment to the max trusting it for its spontaneity, space & learning it brings..That's the beauty of HSing - doing what one wants to do when one wants to do it with total peace without worrying about a thing! HSing is really about LIVING THE MOMENT. "

This is one of the things I absolutely love about HSing-Spontaneity. It brings so much joy that every worry about HSing ( that a Hsing parent generally has) vanishes in its moment. Hsing allows for one to live life "in the moment" , a trait I think school life kinda completely crushes out. I as an adult have a real challenge to enjoy & focus on life in the Now. Im so stuck with the past or the future that the "NOW" many a times sadly passes right under my nose. After all , all through my childhood I"ve spent time in time-tables , mostly anticipating on what this hour and the next few hours are " supposed to be" rather than what I think it should be . My girls have the luxury of the latter. At 9.30 am on a weekday they are downstairs playing in mud becoz they wanted to. They don't have to wait till the end of the day to play mud-play. 

They get to play doll-doll,  play outdoors, cook, clean, experiment, do water-play, mud-play, read a book, build a castle, paint on the walls, fight, sleep, eat and mostly just PLAY , PLAY, PLAY whenever and for whatever amount of time they feel the need to. They get to LIVE THEIR CHILDHOOD IN ALL ITS ORIGINALITY. Their days are not slotted into a time-table when every single action of theirs ( even answering nature's calls) is supposed to happen at a fixed time...this is really one of the single most factors that keeps me in favor of HSing my children. There are days when being with the girls 24/7 can drive me up the wall & make me wonder why this madness ?  why not school? and just the thought of their lives losing its natural flow and being slotted into time-tables brings back my faith in what I do immediately. 

The amount of play & the learning it brings is in itself astounding. They get to play so much and many a days my personal meter of whether Im on the right track or not is simply their laughter. They are such happy beings most of the days.-Of course they do have their "cranky, sibling rivalry" days but majority of the time they are very happy creatures getting to live childhood & getting to learn in their own terms. Just because their learning doesn't happen in a bookish , very planned manner it cannot be devalued.

There are umpteen examples from daily life that after a point it becomes impossible to just keep track. The other day Chellu suddenly got this instinct to experiment with water in the freezer. She promptly did so and after a few hours the sisters must have spent a good 45 mins just trying to drink water from the frozen water-bottle.Watching them go about trying to figure out  how to melt the water was a treat to the eyes. They banged the bottle, tried hitting it with a spoon, tried shaking it vigorously ..after all this they showed the bottle under running tap water and realized that the ice started to melt faster. Immediately they filled a vessel with water and put the bottle in it- lo! they realized the natural , quickest way to melt ice! Hasn't science happened?

Another day they wanted to do water-play with the garden hose in the morning. But before that they proceeded  to "soap" their dolls with mud. And then themselves. They were covered with mud from head to toe. And then had a blast with the water from the hose. After all this they realized that their skins had become very soft- they had learned that mud can be a very good soap.

Yesterday bang in the middle of the day Chellu got this urge to paint on the walls. She painted A & B in a very beautiful , pictorial sense ..when asked she said she is doing this help Kunju learn the alphabets!

So many examples..sometimes i feel like i need to hang a book from my neck & note down everything just so that I don't miss a detail...:))

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