Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Magic of Shared Energies

                                                       Glass-painting with the Rahates.

                                        Making life-size tree-cutouts of each other for story -telling

We have been meeting with Sanjyot & her boys for the past few months once or twice a week for doing activities together. In a country like India where HSing company is so rare one can get really lonely on some days. Though we do go out a lot or travel or meet up with a lot of people the lack of children during the daytime can sometimes get frustrating. So even to do some activities one does look forward to having some company. That's where the Rahate family fit in so well. Ram & Kabir and my girls get along very well. And many a days we have so much fun doing activities together or sharing our energies w.r.t academics.

Sanjyot has this knack of making the kids do traditional worksheets kind of stuff. Chellu will happily agree to dong maths with her while its such a fight with me. In fact the girls' interest in activity/ workbooks got revived becoz of the Rahates. Its really nice to have moms like Sanjyot who know which key goes for which lock..meaning how to slowly get the interest of the child in smnthg that he/she has been resisting for long. Maybe its the effect of doing things in a group too..Definitely we learn from seeing others.

I love meeting up with other moms for playdates or HSing activities. Looking forward to many more..

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