Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chellu's summer camp final day show

Chellu really enjoyed her summer camp this year. She especially seemed to have enjoyed the drama and the cookery classes. Her camp hosted a final day show in which she acted as Vasudha (Tennalirama's wife) in a
Marathi drama. She was also in a spanish dance, another drama on shapes & one on germs, in a song & also in a karate display . Posted are some photos.

Her on stage performance proved that she really does enjoy drama. Drama is a very regular feature of our HSing days. So many lazy mornings have gone by in story telling & enacting it. Finally this past summer I gave it a shot and enrolled her in a drama class. On the days she had drama classes she would come back with a lot of excitement on her face. She wouldn't indulge the details of her show but many a times I've caught her practicing by herself or in front of the mirror.

I did get worried a bit on the final day show. She has NEVER been on stage. She has NEVER by-hearted a single line in her life. Will she be able to remember the lines , the steps in front of so many people ?  I observed her the morning of the show ..she was very cool & pretty excited. No signs of nervousness whatsoever. When it was finally her turn & she came on stage I almost stopped breathing. And then one look at her bright, smiling face made me relax. She was obviously very pleased to be all dressed up and on stage. She danced beautifully & delivered her lines perfectly in the dramas. She was in quite a few shows. One dance, one music, 3 dramas and 1 karate demonstration. She was enjoying each & every one of them. Also all the dress changes, going in & out etc etc..All the elements of acting on stage!

Im glad I gave her a chance to experience real acting. Hoping for many more such experiences for her.

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