Thursday, August 2, 2012

Questions, Questions..All Sorts Of Questions

Chellu has been asking a lot of Qs. This is an active log of all the Qs that keep coming..

1. What are the white spots on our tongue?
2. How is a baby horse born?
3. How is an elephant baby born?
4. How is a CD made?
5. While eating a corn cob:  When we bite even if we bite just one corn pearl how do we know that after it becomes a milk-shake in the mouth ( which means it is getting mixed with the saliva) we have to swallow that one corn pearl?
6. When we run on the floor doesn't Mother Earth get hurt?
7.  How is a pen made? How is a pencil made? How come the "thing that writes" is in the  middle and so long & thin?
8. How does a sharpener work?

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