Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ramu in the park- story by Shreedhari

One morning a friend called down. Ramu's wake uping in the Park. He called out " Radhisat". And Radhisat was coming in the park. " The Radhisat said" Wait wait im coming in the park." And the Ramu said " ok ok ok". And Radhisat and Ramu played fun one game..slide, jhoola , see-saw and the gataa ross. The gatta ross he opened and the itsy-bitsy spider come in Ramu's mouth and he said " phoo, phoo". A lot of itsy-bitsy spiders came. In  the gatta-ross , the Ramu's don't come.  Anita, Sunita , Devi, Asthi all went in the gatta-ross. All the itsy-bitsy spiders come in their noses. And Ramu's friends don't come and he don't come.

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