Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Housework is such fun!

The beauty of Hsing in a sense is that everyday brings it own suprises. Learning is life oreinted and not textbook oriented.
One fine day the maid didn't turn up & the girls jumped in to help in every sense.
Here's the list: Elder- Cleaned 2 wash-basins & their platforms, scrubbed & washed the bath tub, cleaned the bathroom floor, folded clothes,peeled pumpkin & cut it .

Younger- passed on washed vessels to be put in their racks in the kitchen, passed on clothes to be folded, collected all garbage & threw in the trash,passed on all the folded clothes to be put in the closet, desseded a big peice of pumpkin.

Together- scrubbed a huge mirror, put away all the toys in their place, watered the plants , peeled boiled potatoes! All this while absolutely enjoying it!! 
Today's education totally underestimates the value of household work in our children's lives.. If anyone is wondering what they " learned"  here's the list : Discipline, hard-work, patience ,  how much soap & water to apply to clean something ( math/science), following orders ( listening skills), co-ordination/teamwork, sorting, small & big hand-eye coordination, how to clean varied surfaces, cooking and most important of all " A DAY IN THE LIFE OF MOM" & " EVERY DAY BRINGS ITS OWN SUPRISES AND WE MUST LIVE UP TO IT- nothing is a given"!  I absolutely enjoyed the day and so did the kids.We talked together  , sang together, danced together while doing the chores. Every day is a beautiful day in a homeschooling family!!

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