Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Poems by Chellu

Chellu composes poems once a while. She has been doing this ever since we started to HS in NJ. I never gave it much importance thinking that its just an extension of the songs we compose and sing during the day. But this trend seems to stay for long though intermittent in its occurances.
Once last year during story-telling I asked the kids to make their own story and wrote it down verbatim. The whole thing suddenly got an air of importance. And then when I narrated back to them their story verbatim there was squells of laughter!! They were thrilled and amused to a great extent to hear their own stuff and even till date once a while , they will ask me to narrate that story.
So I have decided to start noting down Chellu's poems.. That way she sees how things are spelled and it gives that extra "specialness" in the compositions. I do regret for missing out on all the previous compositions. Chellu's verbal creativity comes out the most during her potty time.

The first poem was composed after reading " The Hungry Caterplliar". When she composed the poem we sat down and wrote it together on a chart paper. She then drew four butterflies representing each one of us with flowers on the side to suck honey from.
The last two poems were composed during a spate of loose-motions..her creativity was obviously on a high!!! :)))

Apart from the creativity happening here I can also see her English evolving.

Caterpillar (2), how are you?
I am good (2) who are you
I am a tiny caterpillar and who are you?
I am a big girl and what's your name
My name is Shruthkirti Shankar and what do you eat?
I eat some green leaves , thank-you (2)
Sleep ( 3) in the coccon and sunday
He becomes a beautiful butterfly.

One little water fell on the ground and
Two little water fell on the ground and
Three little water fell on the ground and
Six little water fell on the ground
Eight little water fell on the ground and
Six little water fell on the ground
Seven little water fell on the ground
Nine little water fell on the ground
Ten little water fell on the ground ...this goes on as 11, 12, 13 ..till 20...
One little girl come see in the rain and
Two little girls come see in the rain
....Again this goes till 20.
Summer came all the boys go to home and
Summer morning all the boys played in the park and
Monday morning all the girls come to the park and
All the night the girls go to home and sleep

MOM : ( this poem she said was about what happened on that particular day. Anita the character in the poem is her fictious friend with whom she is on the phone the entire day!!!)

Mom do working and
Childrens come in the kitchen and
Mom allows them and
Mom love them and
Mom kiss them and
Mom mom "how are you" and "I good"
And Children whats your name?
My name is Anita and okay Anita gives them a gift
And Anita goes and the children open the gift
And see inside and find a make-up set
And all the children give the moms the make-up set
And moms give a chocolate bar
And the children eat
And the children see the Cinderlla movie
And the moms close the movie
And the fan goes and the light goes and the movies goes
And the others' movies goes !

She explained to me that the last two lines mean that its night time and everything gets shut down at our house and others' house .

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