Friday, April 22, 2011

Hanuman Jayanti

This week we celebrated Hanuman Jayanti for a couple of a days. The first day saw Kunju dressed as Hanuman and Chellu as Trijata (the friendly raakshasi who took care of Sita in the Ashok Vaatika). Shankar's mother who is visiting us also participated in the drama as Sita. We took all our sweet time in dressing up . Trijata turned out very beautifully and Hanuman looked extremely cute. I've always seen that the kids loved to get dressed up..thats why dressing up and drama features regularly in our HSing routine.
We enacted the Hanuman giving the ring to Sita scene. Chellu seemed tired by the time the drama started. She preferred to sit near her grandma and quietly watch the drama. But Kunju was in full form. She told the dialogs very well and aptly chose to eat the banana while sitting on the tree!This was followed by other scenes like Hanuman returning to Ram with the choodamani and building of the bridge scene. Kunju participated very well in everything.
That afternoon we also worked on making the Himalaya mountain. My MIL made a nice paper mountain which Chellu then proceeded to paint. The kids also watched the movie on Hanuman that day.

The next day Chellu wanted to become Hanuman and enact lifting the Himalaya mountain scene. So we had a fun time dressing her up as Hanuman and Kunju as Laxman. We proceeded to do the scene but the only hitch was that Kunju refused to play unconscious. From then on we a lot of other scenes including giving the ring to Sita, building the bridge, war scenes with Ravan, first meet of Hanuman with Ravan and burning of Lanka, waking of Hanuman's inner strength , Hanuman's refusal to return from Ayodhya after the coronation of Ram, waking up of Kumbhakarna etc...The kids had a gala time and we kinds spent a good 2 hours enacting all the scenes. The kids then watched the second part of the Hanuman movie in the evening....

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