Friday, October 14, 2011

Chellu's first self-written letter

I'm back . Chellu made me do so. Yesterday was one of those days when in the middle of the day , it felt like HSing my girls was such a privilege to me. . To witness their "firsts" in its totality and spontaneity . We were doing the Three Little Pigs story activity and Chellu talked beautifully about her house. While doing so it stuck her that she could also add a pool and a playground which she did so promptly. At that moment we made the connection again ( which was kinda lost due to a fight between her & Kunju & me getting angry with her)and she came to me excitedly admitting that when she talks or says things aloud a lot of new ideas come to her head. And we talked about it and connected big time.
She then said she wanted paper to write a letter to me and wrote a letter on her own ( invented spelling style). It said "Mom I am sorry"!!! I would love to freeze that moment..cause this was the first written communication from her in the real sense. One that conveyed her feelings . Isn't this why writing was invented at all? To put on a solid interface what one can't say otherwise?
Then came 3 other letters which said " Mom you are beautiful", " Mom your house is beautiful" and " Mom I love you!" Which then lead to Kunju giving Chellu her own 3 "letters" and Chellu also writing a letter to Kunju which said " Kunju you are so beautiful & kind".
The joy, the connection, the enthusiasm, the pride, the love & excitement in their eyes made it history of sorts for me. We go about begging our children to write in workbooks etc..and forget that true writing happens when its personal. When thigns are made personal then children will be very enthu to write. Whether it's making b'day cards or sorry letters or diwali greetings , they are always enthusiastic.
Yesterday was truly a historic moment for me. It has again convinced me that its best to drop things temporarily ( especially academic stuff) with little children and focus on what's interesting for them. Then one day they surprise you BIG time with their abilities.
Im extremely proud of my little girl. She wrote all her letters completely by herself with captions. And I also realized that she writes when left alone. My presence next to her breaks her focus , her drive & enthusiasm to write. My constant corrections frustrate her & end up turning her writings from personal to robotic. That's definitely not true learning.
I shall certainly remember yesterday for the rest of my life. It was a major milestone for us. :))


  1. Nice! I have always wondered about HSing so it's great that you started this blog to share your experiences :-)

  2. SO True!! You only write a poem when it comes from your heart!!!!
    I am so going to apply this to RUhi!!!!