Monday, October 17, 2011

Three little pigs- drama

We attempted the narration and drama of Three Little Pigs. Chellu told the story quite well in English . We then did the drama beautifully. The girls absolutely loved it and they were begging for more by the end of it. Chellu suggested that we do the reverse story of the Three Little wolves and the big fat pig. I acted like though I had forgotten the story and then she recounted the whole thing back to me. We did the drama and that was also such a hit. What's amazing me is the active participation, understanding & enthusiasm of Kunju. She is clearly getting very involved and if given a chance she always attempts whether she knows the stuff or not. Her attempts at narration of the story in English is really hilarious but worth a lot of admiration!

The best part of the drama was when Kunju acted like the wolf trying to climb down the chimney. She aptly chose to climb up the grill of the window above the sofa. She would come down slowly and then climb up again very fast..she kept doing this several times..and when asked why , she replied" Oh Im scared that Ill fall into the boiling water and burn my bums!!! " We had such a hearty laugh. Chellu then arranged the pillows like the big pots and the girls kept doing the wolf falling into the water several times!! It was such fun watching are so good at imagination.

The it struck them that they should add the fireplace and the pot to the drawing of their house and they did so. Chellu answered correctly when I asked her the use of the chimney!

Then we played the thing- its house game to which the girls answered correctly.

Overall a very wonderful HSing day!

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