Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Little White Spot- Chellu's story in her own words

This story was created by Chellu when we were in the middle of the Three Little Pigs drama day. She saw the white spot made by the chalk rubbing on the rocking chair's seat and made up this story with great enthusiasm & spontaneity.

Once upon there were four little bears. One day the rocking chair had a white spot. Mommy came and sat on that white spot. The mother's butt got stained with the white spot ( Chellu's words- the mother's butt come white acchu !) The sister comes and sat on the rocking chair. And then the little sister comes and sat on the rocking chair. Then the little sister said to the elder sister " What happened to your bums?". Then the elder sister said to the mom "What happened to your bums?". Then the mother said " This rocking chair had a white magical spot..see my bum..i got it in my bums.. a white spot".

In the evening the daddy comes . The daddy said to all of them "What happened to your bums?" I know what to do to this rocking chair. You have to throw it because this is very dangerous. This spot is very dangerous. Because if you keep it so much day , this rocking chair will have full white spots. This is a magical white spot. Then you will sit ..then your body will stain full white spot, white spot, white spot !!! Then the mommy comes holds one side and the daddy holds one side and they threw it through the window. Then everybody cheers. Then the mommy washed her bums ..the elder sister washed the bums. And the elder sister washed the little sister's bums. All bums are clean. And they put new clothes and gone to walk and happily ever after lived. And put the old clothes in the washing machine. THE END.

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