Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My lone time with Kunju

Today Chellu left for the first day of Diwali camp. So it was me & Kunju and I decided to make it special for her, which of course means giving my 100% time to her. We started with reading stories, then doing puzzles , rhymes, action songs & then finally playing shaadhi-shaadhi with me as the boy & her as the girl. She loved every moment of it & I could clearly see that she was basking in the attention...away from her sister it felt like she was somewhat different. More spontaneous, more focused, basking in every minute of attention. She made some very quick answers for some of the Qs I asked.
The shaadhi shaadhi game was really funny. We get married then go home. She prepares my dabba in the morning and gives me directions to get to work ( go on Magarpatta road, the a garden will come & in that is a office. You walk straight in there) and then she will get ready in the evening to go to eat pizza!!! hahaha! I had such fun..we had to go in the lift and then in the bus to Pune (!!) and the to the restaurant. This is one cycle and then the next cycle repeats with getting married again. We must have done this like 4-5 times!!
I loved my 2.6 hrs with her. I don't even remember the last time I've spent quality lone time with Shreedhari. It felt very different spending time with a single child like after ages..And i think Kunju has never got this from unfortunately. I feel very guilty about this from time to time and I think this Diwali camp of Chellu will give me the chance to do something about it. I look forward to another day of me and Kunju time. It was awesome and the delight in her eyes is worth every moment of it.
But what really surprised me is Kunju's reaction when Chellu left for the camp. She was wailing aloud that she didn't want to be left alone at home with me. She kept saying that amma will not play with her...hmmm..for the guilt I have gone through for not spending lone time with Kunju!!! Isn't it ridiculous? That we torture ourselves over parenting and these kids are on a totally different tangent!!! ;)) The sisters love each others' company and are soon becoming "two bodies one soul". Good for me! :))

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