Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nature Play

We decided to go to Aditi Garden today for some nature time. The weather is finally clearing up and after a LOOOOOOOOOONG  spell of rains we all are in the mood these days to step out. Moreover the girls especially  Chellu is in a very physical mode these days and doing indoor activities is getting harder. The girls cycled to Aditi Garden while I walked with them. Inspired by another mom's blog Putti's world, we started out by making faces with natural materials like leaves, bark , branches etc..All of us enjoyed the activity thoroughly. Chellu especially did a gr8 job of searching for appropriate stuff ..She really enjoys designing so much. And then the girls took off for their own activity for the rest of the time...They decided to first decorate the bed- sheet with leaves and then climbed up a tree. I did a small activity with poem recital ( Kunju) and describing the tree ( Chellu) and what's the tree telling you ( both)..they liked that too.

A good three hours flew by with us engaged in nature...Absolutely loved the time we spent with each other and with nature. Especially the swing and cradle making by the girls...design & innovation come so naturally to children. We just need to give them the space and freedom and then step back. Everything unfolds so beautifully.

B ut again they went off in their own directions..They asked for the bed-sheet and soon we had a "house"

 And once they got down Chellu decided to tie a "jhoola"...the best part was how many attempts she made to perfect it and perfect & pretty it did turn out to be.  First a standing swing and then a sitting one.
Really perfect! Kunju had a good time swinging in it.

 And soon afterwards it became a cradle ..

 While they were busy experimenting with the jhoola I decided to paint a dry leaf.

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