Sunday, August 4, 2013

When Art Rules The Roost

Last week we enjoyed a day when art took over and consumed the girls. That day, first thing in the morning I had a very messy house to clean up . So I handed over rice flour and Rangoli colors to the girls and asked them to make some kolams. And lo! they were engrossed for almost an hour. Came up with some fun designs. Chellu tried the "acchu" or "die" and liked it too..

 The rangolis set the mood for the day and for the rest of the day the sisters were indulged in their own art creations. They went on to do wall -art , make their own key chains and finally indulged in glass colour painting on plastic
sheets. We ended up making some pretty ones that went on to adorn our living room window. The last activity was suggested by me but finalized by them. The rest of it were creations of their mind. And I had such fun watching them and doing it with them. It is one thing when art is planned and done and another completely different thing when it comes from the heart. The spontaneity, the creativity, the joy ..these are worth experiencing when it comes with art from within!

Making their "key chain" -they asked for old keys for their pretend play and then used it to make a chain
Chellu works on wall art with her sister's hands & legs
Wall Mehendi

More wall art

Chellu's wall art 
Chellu's copy drawing of the Statue of Liberty
Glass color painting

Glass color painitng

Kunju enjoys her glass color painting

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