Thursday, August 28, 2014

Clay mess and all the learning from it.

Two days back the girls decided to get the air dry clay that Pallavi had given them and experiment with it. They set out in the balcony and soon they completely got wild with it. I was on ethe phone with Nirali and before I knew it they had dissolved the whole thing in water and were literally swimming in it. Must have been a whole lot of fun for them but it was certainly a horrible mess by the end of the whole session!

If it were Pune I would have been calm, but here in Santa Clara didn't know how the hell I was gonna clean this , without pissing off the neighbors below! Had a stern talk with the girls and told them clearly that everything needs to be spic and span like before. I had to tempt with a piece of cake as their reward if they got it done properly. I really had no other way was such a horrible mess!

And they got to work instantly. They cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. For almost. An hour and half. They would take breaks but eventually get to work. While chellu worked on the floor , scrubbing and soaking up all liquid into a bucket , kunju worked on the glass doors. It was really hard work. And they worked on it till I gave the good enough signal.

When I observe these things, I feel like life is really the best teacher. The cleaning job was such an interesting lesson in itself. You know, they had to constantly improvise to find smarter ways of cleaning up the mess..would this towel be better, can I brush it this way, can we collaborate with each other , how much water to use? And finally the most valuable lesson" always use a tarp before messing @ "!!!

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