Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tree climbing

Today we had been to Serra Park with the HSers and the girls had a great time climbing the local tress , searching for wild berries. Chellu went up and up with no fear whatsoever , targeting for the berries while Kunju stayed down collecting the falling ones. The latter then made a halwa out of the fruits with a stick as a spatula and then they gulped it down , again with a stick that served as a spoon. My wild girls! Love them to bits!!
Their love for tree climbing stated out in Magarpatta itself. Jasminium with its small trees served as an ideal setting for these girls..I fact along with tree climbing they have also been upto a lot of tree related activities like decoration, tent building etc..
When we arrived in California a month ago, they were thrilled to have found the perfect tree to climb in chitappa-chitti's house. It was not only tall but also had the branches at all the perfect spots for easy climbing. They climbed almost every day during our stay there.

I really feel so positive about the romancing with nature. This is even better than all those formal nature studies.,maybe that will surface as an interest some say but for mow at this young age all they really need is to be in open green spaces, next to tall trees and lotsa vegetation. Love for nature will be born automatically!

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