Thursday, June 4, 2015

06/03/2015 : Sports Co- op party

Today we celebrated the end of our sport co- op with a party. Our family was requested to get sweets and the girls totally voted in to bake. They chose to bake banana banana bread and vanilla mini muffins with icing.
The girls worked hard on it starting last night and continuing into today morning. Chellu was the chief chef which Kunju pitching in enthusiastically. They also piped in Tariq for a little bit of time coaching him on how to use the Vitamix etc..
The end product was awesome and a everyone seemed to really like it at the party. Needless to say Chellu was glowing like a queen and Kunju seemed very happy too. Always such a pleasure to watch the initiative, motivation, the happiness, the enthusiasm , the interest, the focus, the commitement and just the pure joy of doing something that comes from the heart. No amount of work is hard when it comes to cooking for Chellu. Her commitement to precision and perfection is really something. Glad this happened today and glad it turned out great!
Another amazing HS day!! Yay! Proud mama..😀

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