Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lovely summer day - Shreedhari's swimming eagerness, Shruthkirti's diving and both babysitting.

Wow what a lovely day we had today. It was in the 90s and suddenly it's like summer has hit us with full force. The girls worked on their thank you notes to the Marine Science Institute for their field trip in the morning. And then after lunch, we left for Shoup park date with the PLL group. It was really hot and the girls played a bit with water play with the rest of the children. They seemed to enjoy it but we're rest less to get into the pool.
We came back home and immediately hit the pool. Shreedhari has been in a swimming frenzy since the past one week or so ever since the temp has raised. She is also in some huge swimming milestone conquering phase and has been so keen on swimming.
We had such a lovely time at the pool. Shreedhari swam from 4 feet right up till 8 feet with intermittent breaks along the wall. She was also diving in the lower depth to touch the floor. She seems so ready to go the entire length! Wow such a treat to watch learning when the readiness is there. To watch learning when it comes from within. During the same time Shruthkirti also urged me to come play diving with her and it was like as though life had come full circle today. It just felt like yesterday when I stood next to her in the pool encouraging her to swim a little more and today she teaches me how to dive. Watching her dive in the 8 feet depth to pick her goggles from the pool floor was really such a pleasure to the eyes. She was just like a fish- nothing other than that. So smooth, so effortless ! I on the other hand was gasping for breath and couldn't do more that 7 feet!
Wow...to have witnessed Shruthkirti diving is in itself a blessing. Swimming has really taught me the benefits and beauty of unschooling. To trust , to let go, to just be . And then learning be it swimming or anything else happens at its own space!
We came home from swimming and next door two yr old Aamir joined us to play with the girls when his mom left to pick up his elder brother. Again my heart filled with such love watching the girls play with Aamir. So natural, so kind..like they were born to be elder sisters. Just watching the three of them evoked in me feelings of wanting another one again. They played with him puzzles and ball , fed him, talked to him...so beautiful to see this nurturing.
Such an amazing day. Simple yet profound learning. The joy of watching from a space of non interference , from a space of letting be , from a space of letting learning happen is just so beautiful. I'm so thankful for a day like this. These are the days that let me know for sure that I'm on the right path.

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