Thursday, June 11, 2015

Physical activity burst for Shreedhari

Shreedhari is into some kind of physical activity milestone over achievement. Today she has spent almost the entire day skipping, jogging, swimming and biking. When I asked her why she was exercising so much she told me excitedly that she has taken upon herself a 20 day fitness challenge! Imagine that - Kunju and a fitness challenge! The other day she excitedly told me in the pool that when she grows up she would like to be a swimming coach for little children!
She is definitely loving the physical phase of hers. So glad and so surprised to see her of all the people in this phase. As always I trust that this too has a reason and a huge learning for her. Making her mentally and physically strong , making her more determined, more challenged and most importantly embarking on a path of learning that comes from within.
As always the joys of witnessing it as a parent from a space of non- interference is unlimited!!

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