Saturday, June 6, 2015

Swimming playdate with friends from Spain

Today we spent the afternoon with Hsing friends Maria and her sons Lucas and baby Ikel. They are a part of our AWL park date and we have started to really enjoy each others' company off late . Myself and Maria and the children too. Chellu and Kunju love playing with seven yr old Lucas and also seem to really enjoy the baby! They played a lot pushing each other in an old play wagon, collecting huge amounts of what looked like some kind of seed in their dresses , checking out insects and finally hitting the pool even though it wasn't planned and they didn't have their swimsuits!

It was a miracle of sorts watching  Shreedhari swim today. She was not only swimming extremely confidently with prolonged amounts of time under the water but also diving and even touching the swimming pool floor! A bunch of other kids were playing diving to fish out plastic rockets and Shreedhari got really inspired and joined them too. It felt like she had dude lay caught up on years of swimming training in a day. Maybe I've been missing out on her swimming milestones or something but suddenly she seems so ready. She has been asking to go to the pool for the past few days whenever the temp is right ..the eagerness is suddenly there. Like she really wants to do it and her swimming also shows it off. How amazing it is to witness learning when it comes from within , when it comes from being totally ready for it!!

What a lovely day! The lunch, the conversations, the playing with the baby, the friendly , loving atmosphere of interested adults kids thrive in such environments. In that sense it's not at all surprising that Shreedhari's swimming progressed by leaps and bounds. It was bound to happen.
As an individual I'm always so delighted to have friends from different parts of the world but with such similar ideologies and outlook towards life.  This is certainly one of the blessings of being in the Hsing community! 😀

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