Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ballet comes true at last

Another of those " Connecting the dots experience".  The girls , particularly Shruthkirti got hooked on to ballet a couple of months back. It all started back in Pune with the BCL ( British Council Library ) where she chanced upon a few books on ballet and eventually got highly attracted to it. I don't know what it is about ballet. It used to baffle me back in Pune as to how smnght like ballet can attract their attention where there is no environment for it?

 But years of HSing has taught me to never Q learning. Why, how, when, which form it will take place in cannot be questioned or really understood. I've started looking at it as an indulgence of the soul at that moment . If left to complete freedom then true learning according to me is the soul's undertaking to immerse itself in all the experiences that it deems fit to progress for this lifetime.

This is what happened with ballet . It started with Shruthkirti and spread to Shreeddhari too like a virus. They got hooked on to it starting with a few books, then it went on to researching on YouTube..they checked out all sorts of performances and know the story of the Nutcracker very well. They even know various versions of the Nutcracker that's commonly performed by various ballet groups. They have been begging me for ballet classes for a while now.

Andd then the US shift happens and here we are attending ballet classes every Thursday. And so to finally see them actually wear the ballet dress and the tutu and do the dance is such a heartwarming moment for me. My eyes welled up once again to be able to experience yet another profound learning journey! And in last class the ballet teacher came up to me and told me that Shruthkirti has a body that's perfect for ballet! No wonder she has been so attracted to it all this while!!

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