Saturday, October 4, 2014

Look how far Shreedhari has come!

From a kid who often has trouble walking or rather doesn't likes to walk, Kunju has always come across as this kid who would never want to physically exert herself.  But she has been progressing slowly and steadily. The way she has overcome her illness in itself a miracle. But bigger than that is her taking the efforts, sometimes self willing and sometimes not to become more physically active. She has been taking baby steps and slowly, steadily getting there. I will never forget that one time when she left me spellbound with her hike up the Shivaji Maharaj fort . It was a good one hour and quite a steep one but she was doing it all like a professional.

Time and again I've been reminded through the HSing journey that it's so wrong to label anyone. We are so conditioned to do it. This is like this, that one is like that. And we so often do that with our own kids. But from my observations, I've learnt that every individual takes the time to get wherever they want. For Shreedhari it could be the connection , to be with those she really cares for and do the things that they like to do.

But most recently her great enthusiasm in participating in the HS PE class playing soccer has really surprise me. She loves to play games really and kick ball. And last week I was totally throw back watching her participate in the Presidential Fitness Campaign . I thought she would whine and cry and not like it all but the way she participated was something else. She enthusiastically did the sprint, the running, the stretches and everything else. And seemed to really enjoy it too! She loves to play sports it looks like. But I think it has also got to do with the kind of teachers or adults who hang out in such places. She always seems comfy in a HSing setting and always seems to need me to hover around somewhere in the background. As long as I am there watching her ,  she seems ready to go for it. 

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