Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sanskrit Bharathi classes

Today is a very special day in our family with the girls starting their first, formal, teacher ( that's not their mom or dad) led Sanskrit classes at the Samskrita Bharathi - a non profit organization that aims to create a community of Sanskrit speaking families. Sanskrit known as the mother of all languages , the language  of our scriptures and our rich Vedic culture and knowledge is known to enhance cognitive development and improve math and science skills.
The girls were super happy to be in their classes in the company of kids like themselves and with uncles and aunties from India. It made me realize how much they missed home. Samskrita Bharathi teachers were a cheerful andf encouraging lot. Apart from regular classes they also organize 3 days camps of Sanskrit speaking families, potlucks, picnics and what not with everyone speaking Sanskrit. It was such an unique , happy experience to be hearing so much of the language in a common man world sort of a way and not just as chants.
I also realized that the girls knew so much of the language whether as conversational Sanskrit or shlokas with my novice attempts at teaching them the language over the past few years. I have done pretty well I must say and very proud of myself ! :)) hoping that this tryst with Sanskrit wil take us a long way in understanding ourselves and our origins.

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