Friday, October 31, 2014

When children surprise you out of the blue !

Days like today will always be special. Not because we learned something exciting or did something great or went somewhere exciting but because first thing in the morning the children surprise you.

Today in the morning , first thing when the girls they got up, they went straight into the bathroom and had a bath! First thing in the morning! No repeated requests from me, no yellings , no ultimatums , no lectures ..nothing. Just their own initiative. I love such days. And we have had many like that . Where they would get up before me and clean up their room. Last Saturday too, Shridhari got up, bathed, brushed and had combed her hair by herself even before I had opened my eyes. One other morning, the sisters had got up earlier than everybody else and had decided to clean up their room. When I  Igot up I was pleasantly surprised with a spic and span room.

I have read in several places. That contrary to popular belief , young children do want to cooperate, they do want to please their parents. It's a natural drive for them. It does seem hard to believe, but once a while on a day like this I am again reminded that my children want to genuinely want to be on my side. They genuinely do want to cooperate . It just takes time and lots of faith that we need to do what we as parents believe in , give the children lotsa of time to digest it, to understand it and then they will certainly get it someday. Love and connection are the main things.

Tonight just before putting them to sleep I made it a point to mention the fact that I was indeed very happy and pleasantly surprised to have seen them bather by themselves so promptly first thing in the morning. Shridhari immediately replied, " Today after entering the bathroom it struck me that not by not bathing we seem to trouble amma a lot . She has to constantly keep reminding us. And so I thought I should save her those troubles and quickly had a bath when I'm in the mood for it now. Later during the day I may lose the mood!"

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