Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's all about connecting the dots

It's all about connecting the dots! While I've always experienced learning as this start to finish line in the form of exams, HSing has let me experience learning as an indulgence what the spirit seeks to learn at that moment. It could be the most weirdest thing you would never be able to plan or come up in a curriculum and result in the most unimaginable outcome.

That's what is happening most recently with Shruthkirti. Last year after attending the IHC Khandala HSers conference she got fixated with learning a few songs from the song book that was prepared for the bonfire nights. She got especially attracted to " Raindrops on roses."from Sound of Music. It became an obsession. She spent days on it- knew it by heart, wrote it down line by line , went on YouTube to learn it perfectly , learnt the spellings and then ended up seeing the movie like a zillion times. And then we moved here and came across auditions for the Roberta Jones Junior  Theater's fall production. Shruthkirti who has been into theater for the past 3 yrs obviously jumped in glee and we found ourselves in the auditions. They required her to sing a song in addition to dancing and acting and obviously the only English song that she knew from start to finish is guess what? " Raindrops on roses.." She went up on the stage and sang it so confidently ! Watching her at that moment brought me tears. The Director of the theater then commented that it was so incredible that someone who moved in to a totally new country can go on stage and sing so confidently ! Little did he know the amount of time that has been spent on this one song!
Her rehearsals her in full swing for 3 roles she got selected in. Like a professional she has got her conflict calender sorted out and now the costumes are soon to be stitched! I always find these learning journeys incredible.

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