Saturday, October 4, 2014

I can't believe we have arrived here!

For the past few days omething I've been waiting for ages is finally happening in our HSing lives. Chellu reading to Kunju! And that  too for  r hours!, oh much would I have waited for this all this time? It all started with Kunju complaining that Chellu gets to read a book all by herself and all the yummy books that she picks by herself sat the library. Off late Shruthkirti has been reading a LOT by herself..sometimes spending half a day jn her room with a book and that obviously makes Shreedhari all by herself, something she is not used to.

When I heard the comment the first thing I did was go into HSing this was my cnance really! So I went " you can do it too if you learned to read" but I i guess it was not reading bu the connection with her sister that Kunju was really looking for. Chellu sense it immediately and jumped in saying " I can read for you!" And that's's been two days now since the sisters have been spending huge chunks of time in their room with one reading to the other.

Which then leads me to spend time blogging and doing things that have been on my to do list for a long time. I guess I will enjoy this while it lasts! You never know what's @ the corner!! 😉

But yes , jokes apart it gives me immense pleasure to see my elder reading the way she is. She literally gobbles up books in no time. She can never get up without finishing a book in one go. Something I did or rather " did not "certainly was right!

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